At first watch the video, listen to the examinees’ answers, and then try to answer the questions which I have written. I have changed the questions and pictures a little.


How long have you been studying English?

Do you enjoy learning English or are you learning it because of the coming exam?

Dear students, look at these pictures and talk about your ideas. How are the people in these pictures feeling? Have you ever experienced

In which situation do you think the people benefit most from being together?

Now, look at the next pictures.

Describe these pictures. Now compare the first two pictures. In which situation can a student benefit more from studying: when he is alone or when he is discussing the issues with his friends?

Now speak about the third picture, round the campfire. What kind of feelings do the young people experience here? Have you ever sat around the campfire with your friends? When was it and where?

Questions to discuss

What might people have to consider when making these decisions?

  • choosing a future profession
  • choosing a friend
  • finding a job
  • moving to another country

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